Mistura Fina

Mistura Fina

Jakob Hug
Tenor/Alto Saxophone
Floriano Inacio Junior
Herbie Kopf
Tonico da Silva

Mistura Fina
a truly international mixture

Now in the developed form of the choro Candido and da Silva bring back to Europe what once immigrants from Europe brought to Brazil. And here they find musicians, influenced by Jazz music, who feel challenged to give a European home to this Euro-Brazilian music. Jakob Hug comes from the region of Solothurn and Bern and he has musical connections to France and Denmark. Herbie Kopf from Zürich maintains connections with the music scene in the Baltic States and Russia. The musical friendship of this subtle mixture exists since the year 2000 and the four individualists have since become a close fellowship.

The recording introduces the classical choro apart from one composition by Candido. The composers of these titles were highly influential upon the musical style of choro. Despite the presence of South American music in Europe choro is little known. With Chorinho Alpino Mistura Fina become messengers of choro in Switzerland and in wider Europe, messengers of a music which is at the same time peculiarly close and remote.

André Zdunek